Dobranyi & Hegyi Foundation
(former Ildiko Dobranyi Foundation)

Web of Europe / Metamorphoses of the art of woven tapestry
Editors: Ibolya Hegyi, Katalin Schulcz
Authors: Edit András, Thomas Cronenberg, Ibolya Hegyi,
Ingrid De Meűter, Susan Mowatt, Katalin Schulcz, Réka Semsey
Translation: Chris Sullivan
Design: Johanna Bárd
Photographs: Gellért Áment, Attila Mudrák, József Rosta,
R.M.A.H., Brussels
Editor-in-Chief: Miklós Mojzer, President of the Ildikó Dobrányi Foundation
Print: Mester Nyomda
ISBN 978–963-08–7610–0
On the occasion of Hungary’s presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2011, the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Brussels and the Ildikó Dobrányi Foundation announced a competition entitled Web of Europe for invited European tapestry artists. The organisers made no secret of their desire to call attention to a European genre with historical traditions in Hungary also, namely woven tapestry. Perhaps the most important of these traditions is that of personal, autonomous tapestry as represented by Noémi Ferenczy. A tapestry artist but also a teacher of the genre who created her own school, Noémi Ferenczy was an outstanding figure in the history of art in Hungary. In 1951, she established the department of tapestry at Hungary’s Academy of Applied Arts, the legal predecessor of today’s Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), where she taught in accordance with her own creative method. Following the lead given by this department, Hungarian tapestry art was able around the time of the new millennium to feature on the international stage as an equal partner.
In his Introduction to the catalogue presenting not only the joint work generated by the competition but also the artists who made it, Imre Takács, director-general of the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest and chief patron of the Web of Europe project, thought it important to emphasise an idea also suggested by the title of the project itself, as follows: ‘Common thinking based on culture and creativity both belong indisputably at the heart of Europe as a “great workshop”. We are constantly composing and weaving this web.’ To mark the end of the joint creation displayed first in Brussels and then in Budapest to prompt a re-weaving of the ‘web’ of tapestry art and a re-thinking of its metamorphoses, and also to signal the end of the Web of Europe project, the Ildikó Dobrányi Foundation organised an international conference on 11 November 2011. This was held at the Moholy- Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. Containing a selection of the presentations given at this conference, the present volume will, we hope, do homage to the founder and artist Noémi Ferenczy, on the 60nd anniversary of her department’s foundation.

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